Our Patriotic Allies

About our


            Impact the 2012 General Elections for the Future of Our Nation

                   True Patriots of America is raising resources to communicate with other

                           True Patriots in their communities, sharing information on evaluated 

                                  candidates - encouraging voter turnout among those like-minded.


2012 Operational Budget

  • Targeted Radio Spots $675,000
  • Targeted Space Advertising $110,000
  • FEC Complaint Expenses $85,000
  • Social Media Advertising $30,000
  • 2013 Special Project Expenses $100,000
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KEEP Americas Small Business Open For Business

What We Do

    • Voter Education. Awareness and Turnout
    • Web Site Development and Outreach
    • Volunteer Coordination and Empowerment
    • Community and Social Media Relations
    • Targeted Radio Spot Communications
    • Targeted Printed Response Advertising
    • Targeted Direct Mailings
    • Networking with Like-minded Entities

"An ally is our ally - just as our enemy is the enemy and 'neither' is our enemy as well."

                                                                                                  Unknown Civil War Officer

Alliance Defense Fund

American Conservative Union

American Enterprise Institute

America Family Association (AFA)

American Solutions

American Values

American Vision

Americans For Prosperity

Ayn Rand Center

Campaign for Working Families

Center for Security Policy

Christian Family Coalition

Citizens Against Government Waste

Civil Society Project

Community Issues Council


Family Research Council

Florida Family Policy Council

Freedom Works

Focus on the Family Action

Heritage Foundation

Liberty Counsel

Media Research Center

National Taxpayers Union
National Tea Party Coalition

Paul Revere Society
Tea Party Nation
United Christians Church
Tea Party Patriots

The 912 Project

True Patriots of America

United Christians of Florida


Vision America
Tampa Bay Firearms Saftey Training
Wake Up America


AmericanCenter for Law and Justice

American Conservative

American Enterprise Institute

Americans for Tax Reform

Cato Institute

Center for a Just Society


Christian Coalition


Club for Growth

Concerned Women for America

Eagle Forum

Federalist Society

Free Congress

Free Republic

Huck PAC

Judicial Watch
Liberty for USA

Gun Owners of America

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

National Rifle Association

National Right to Life


Priests for Life

Our Country Deserves Better PAC

Religious Freedom Coalition

Restore America


Rutherford Institute

The Conservative Caucus
The National 912 Coalition

The Patriot Post


Young Americans for


United Christians of Florida

Chuck Baldwin


Gary Bauer


Glenn Beck


William Bennett


John Bolton


Pat Boone


Neil Boortz


Brent Bozell


Pat Buchanan


Kirk Cameron


Neil Cavuto


Ann Coulter


Matt Drudge


Gary DeMar


James Dobson


Larry Elder


Sean Hannity


Bishop Harry Jackson


Newt Gingrich


Jonah Goldberg


Bill Gertz


Lee Greenwood


Elizabeth Hasselbeck


Hew Hewitt

Mike Huckabee


Laura Ingram

Alan Keyes


Charles Krauthhammer


Mark Levin


Rush Limbaugh


Rich Lowry


Marilyn Madison


Michelle Malkin


Michael Medved


Dick Morris


Oliver North


Ted Nugent


Eric Odum


Bill O’Reilly


Ron Paul


Tony Perkins


Howard Phillips


Dave Ramsey


Michael Savage


Phylis Schafley


Michael W. Smith


Thomas Sowell


Ben Stein


Mark Steyn


Cal Thomas


J.C. Watts


George Will


Walter Williams


Zig Ziglar




The Weekly Standard

National Review Online
The American Spectator
The American Conservative
The Christian Science Monitor
The New American
Fox News
FrontPage Magazine
Human Events
Wallstreet Journal


Iowans for Tax Relief

New Media Alliance



Montana Policy Institute

Ocean State

Rio Grande Foundation

Young Conservatives of Texas

912ers of Katy TX

Texas Tea Party

Minnesotans Tea Party