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Did you know that you are paying for 22+ Million people to have FREE cell phone service simply by faithfully paying your monthly phone bill?


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"FREE Obama Phones for Votes" Scheme Earns An FEC Complaint

October 12, 2012  

WASHINGTON, / NewsTimesJournal / -- A Complaint was filed on Tuesday with the Federal Elections Commission, in Washington, DC, outlining how the Obama Administration, the Obama Campaign, and ultimately President Obama perverted federal law and created the "FREE Obama Phones for Votes" scheme.  Using an old law passed in the 1980's for a well intended program called Lifeline, the original purpose was to help residents of distant rural communities to get landline phone service with an interest in aiding them with emergency and health-centered needs.  At least that is how it functioned until the Obama Administration got the idea that it could use Lifeline to extort extra service fees from current cell phone customers and link it with other welfare programs to instantly qualify millions of potential voters for an additional welfare program.   That is right, IF you are a current recipient of one of a number of federal welfare payouts, you are entitled to a FREE Obama Phone cell phone, 250 FREE minutes each month and text messaging, plus more free minutes by signing up others to get their FREE Obama Phones.


"This in your face corruption of government, perversion of law and stealing from the average cell phone customer through regulatory fees is just another example of what happens when you elect socialist thugs to public office," said Mike Nelis, Executive Director of True Patriots of America who filed the Complaint on behalf of its membership.  "Now if you want to call your local drug dealer for another fix, make a quick Obama campaign contribution by texting, or perhaps make calls on behalf of the Obama regime, you can NOW do so at tax-payer expense."  Nelis concluded by saying, "Enough is enough, it is time to bring these Obama Administration thieves to justice.  We are encouraging other outraged citizens to sign up at and take a stand!"


Surprisingly, the Obama Administration has never tried to condemn the website, or the web site that it is linked to that provides information on how to apply for the FREE Obama Phone and service, . Instead, the President has received the credit for - some might even testify promoted - the expanded welfare program under the guise of trying to help the poor find employment, etc.  The end result is that the Obama Campaign has had four years to grow this "FREE Obama Phones for Votes" scandal from a legitimate $772 million program to a $1.6 billion plus annual government give-away where Obama votes are purchased from those faithfully signing up, who are even rewarded for recruiting others to get their own FREE Obama Phones.


Nelis adds, "The Federal Election Commission can surely connect the dots and when they do they will find Obama Campaign contribution bundlers, as well as foreign interests, that are promoting and profiting from the extortion of Americans through our cell phone bills and modern day 'taxation without representation.'  All this cleverly schemed to create Obama supporters, get them registered to vote, communicate with them, enlist volunteers, pitch for small campaign contributions, and turn them out to vote.  All done with the subtle undertones, if not blatant follow-up calls saying: "YOU owe Obama for your free stuff, and to keep your free stuff YOU must make sure Obama is re-elected!"

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True Patriots of America Believe that the US Constitution and Amendments must be studied, respected and enforced in respect of original intent and for our national eternity.  We believe that our Constitutional Republic must never be compromised and our philosphy should be exported for all who desire to be free.  Likewise, we oppose any attempt to subject our national sovereignty to international rule or law that would compromise our Constitution.  We believe in safe and secure national borders with a single and common American English language. We believe in the established separation of powers between the states and federal government, opposing attempts to federalize the nation.  We believe in a principally deregulated Free-Market economy with moral values protecting our citizens and basic laws protecting those values.  We believe that our armed forces should be second to no other and that our citizens should be responsibly armed and allowed to defend family and property.  We believe that the traditional family unit is the most healthy and stable foundation upon which our society could thrive. We believe that our nation was Divinely blessed by our Creator with natural resources and that it is incumbent upon us to fully utilize those resources for prosperity and national security. We believe that God alone gives life and liberty, that He provided the ultimate example through the life of Christ, with written guidelines through the Ten Commandments and in the pages of the Holy Bible and that any attempt to deminish this fact, is an assault upon our nation.  We believe that you can disagree with these fundamental beliefs and still be a citizen, but you will forfeit your opportunity to be one of the  - True Patriots of America.

True Patriots of America

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